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Blood kisses the tips of my fingers—
I lick it away,
holding the taste against my teeth;

it tells me that I am still living—
a collection of heart beats racing
for a slow count down…

I am a collection of division
and units;

heart beats cease
to matter

as they score my blood
and measure my life
against my kidneys.

Blood bites the tips of my fingers—
I lick it away and wait…
I'll Bet Forty (If I'm Lucky)
I'm struggling.
But thank you for reading.
What's this? What's this?
There's color everywhere.

Actually, it's just an artsy pumpkin. I decided to open an Etsy account, Lettermarks! Right now, there are only two listing but below are examples of other things that may appear later. Thank you~

Melissa Martinez by TheBloodyEpicPumpkin
There is a distance in the weeks
when the months are on the verge of a year;
when you can still count your fingerprints
on the headliner
and feel the wear on the imaginary brake pedal;
when before safe was never something
you needed to remind yourself of
and traffic only tested your patience,
not your ability to breathe;
when pictures make you shudder
and words make you weep
and you still stay awake,
wondering how you could have sat
in the front seat.

There is a distance,
and it’s the feeling of
going numb.
There is a Distance
I was in a car accident back in December.

It received only minor edits as I moved it from paper, but I think it will be awhile before I revisit it. I feel like it's a it gauge, and I can't tell if that is a pro or con for this piece. Maybe when / if I come back to it, I try to make it more clear what I mean by "wondering how you could have sat / in the front seat."

Thank you for reading.
I once caught a falling star
and it burned onto my palms
my every wish for another tomorrow.

Well, I gave it all my yesterdays
and all my broken weeks
while trying to explain why
I can’t handle any more of these years,

but I lost my words to the ceiling fan,
spinning steady,
as the tick tick of the second hand
echoed faster than my heart could beat.

I’d rather tie my limbs to stars
and crash to Earth
than to simply just breathe.


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
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My name was almost Apolonia. Somehow my mother thought Melissa was a better choice.
And yet she hates the name Melissa.
My name was also almost Jesse Junior. I'm really glad I was born a girl.

I'm in college. I'm majoring in Secondary English Education with a minor in creative writing.

I live in a historic city, as well as a historic landmark.

I write. I write crap. Sometimes I write something worth reading. I'm not going to stop writing my crap. If I do, I will have to stop writing my worthwhile pieces.

I have a dog. And a hamster. Together they form PeanutButter. (See the above picture.)

Blah blah blah

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